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In any social situation especially those you find most difficult you need to remove the focus away from yourself and what your body is doing to what you want to do – speak well and present yourself positively.

In cases of extreme self consciousness you may focus on a physical feature and imagine, say, that your nose is too long or some such thing.

Perhaps you are talking to an important person or a member of the opposite sex who you find attractive and all you want is to be yourself and act confidently.

Self consciousness makes you nervous and stops you being natural, in short it affects you negatively.

We have thousands of members all over the UK, so you're bound to find someone in your area of the country.Public speakers know that self consciousness is an enemy and they learn to overcome it.Everyone gets nervous about public speaking but beating self consciousness is one step to being a confident and successful public speaker.Self consciousness can be a major factor and a cause of a lack of self confidence. Your brain cannot come up with an answer and you look worried and nervous and your confidence drops.Firstly, lets define what self consciousness is and then go on to describe how it affects your performance in social situations and what you can do to help yourself with this knowledge and understanding. When you are in a social situation and someone puts you on the spot, maybe they ask you an awkward or difficult question and suddenly you become aware of yourself, you focus on yourself and your reaction. You feel embarrassed and more self conscious and it becomes even worse.

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By accepting these facts and focusing on methods to cope with them rather than allowing them to become a force and manipulate your actions, you take the biggest step in overcoming your fears and beating self consciousness.