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In that context, it makes some sense that comedians in particular—comedians, who have always brought a highly subjective and politics-inflected point of view to their work—would become, in their way, commentators.

Tina Fey’s And comedians’ capacities as pundits are becoming, increasingly, institutionalized.

Performed and recorded at Santa Monica’s Broad Stage, the set contains the stuff you’d expect of Cummings’s comedy: discussions of sex, and relationships, and porn, all of them inflected with an almost aggressive amount of raunch.

There's all this pressure to have huge boobs, to be super skinny, to be squirting like a Bellagio fountain, and I think someone needs to stand up and say hey, let's take it down a notch.The way guys talk about having sex with women has gotten super violent.I was talking to a guy friend of mine a few weeks ago, and he was like, “I hooked up with this girl the other night. Men like Asian schoolgirls with duct tape over their mouths.These aren’t jokes-with-an-underlying message, buried subtly under layers, as per stand-up’s tradition, of self-loathing and/or braggadocio; the jokes, here, the message.Cummings found a way to turn her jokes into theories, rather than vice versa.

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There’s the fact that Samantha Bee, by way of her soon-to-air show, Which all makes some sense. Comedy, for its part, and whatever its failings may be, offers a kind of rhetorical purification: In a time of short fuses, its outrageousness can help to neutralize our outrage.

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