Who is john cena dating for real

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The two met when they were in “NXT” and she served as valet for Cass and his tag partner Enzo Amore.

When it came time for them to make their main roster debuts, they were moved to different brands.

John Cena’s past By now, fans all know about Cena’s love life.

They even celebrated two big milestones when they bought their first home and joined the cast of “Total Divas.” However, by January 2018 the couple had ended their relationship after three years together.

The rumors Rumors of John Cena and Carmella dating began on Monday when a popular Wrestling website investigate and posted that they were dating.

Many fans believe the dating rumors are true given that Carmella won the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Theories have run rampant that Cena is behind Carmella’s recent push and that she’ll get the same benefits that Nikki Bella received when she dated Cena.

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John Cena girlfriend has stated that when she was participating in this show there were plenty of emotions there.

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