Who has nadia bjorlin dating

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Who has nadia bjorlin dating

In May 1999, Bjorlin won first place in the Metro Lyric Opera Competition, taking place in NYC.When she graduated from high school, she decided to shift her focus from singing to acting.The woman has often been hailed as a multifaceted performer who is capable of doing pretty well in more than one field of entertainment.Born as Nadia Alexandra Björlin, the actress is now more popularly known as Nadia Bjorlin around the world as fans prefer to remove her middle name when referring to her. Her father is Ulf Björlin, a Swedish composer and conductor and, her mother’s identify has been revealed as Fary Björlin, an Iranian interior designer.Bjorlin appeared in the 2007 independent feature film If I Had Known I Was a Genius, starring Markus Redmond, Whoopi Goldberg, Sharon Stone, and Tara Reid.The film was screened at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.In 2011, Bjorlin was one of the stars of the reality television series Dirty Soap which gave viewers a behind-the-scenes view of Nadia's departure from Days of Our Lives, and afterward, including a bit of insight into the tenuous relationship between Nadia's live-in boyfriend and her mother who doesn't like him because she believes that he doesn't treat her well enough.Bjorlin returned to her role on Days of Our Lives as Chloe for a two-episode stint on August 3, and 4, 2013, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the daytime serial.

An actress, model, and singer, Nadia Bjorlin is an American superstar who is known for her appearances in many Television series over the years.In September 2005, Bjorlin left Days of our Lives again and joined the cast of the UPN series Sex, Love & Secrets.The show was canceled by the network, but Bjorlin continued to make guest appearances on television series such as Jake in Progress and Out of Practice.Bjorlin was also cast as the female lead of the Chicago Pictures' feature film, Redline.The film starred Eddie Griffin and Nathan Phillips, and was released in theaters on April 13, 2007.

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