Validating the user through username and password through servlet issues with interracial dating

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The is created in the project's Web Content folder. The code of the is: Listing 3: code The beans login Validator and login Controller are configured. Next will be the creation of two jsp files inside WEB-INF/jsp/ folder. Second is for displaying the login success in this application.

My DBAuthentication Service; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation. Autowired; import org.springframework.context.annotation. Configuration; import Authentication Manager Builder; import Http Security; import Enable Web Security; import Web Security Configurer Adapter; @Configuration // @Enable Web Security = @Enable Web MVCSecurity Extra features @Enable Web Security public class Web Security Config extends Web Security Configurer Adapter package org.o7planning.springmvcsecurity.mapper; import SQLException; import org.o7planning.springmvcsecurity.model. Web Application Initializer; import Annotation Config Web Application Context; import org.servlet. Data Source Transaction Manager; import org.datasource. Driver Manager Data Source; import org.springframework.transaction.annotation. @Property Source("") public class Application Context Config package org.o7planning.springmvcsecurity.config; import charset. Abstract Security Web Application Initializer; public class Spring Security Initializer extends Abstract Security Web Application Initializer package org.o7planning.springmvcsecurity.config; import org.o7planning.springmvcsecurity.authentication. Row Mapper; public class User Info Mapper implements Row Mapperpackage org.o7planning.impl; import String Http Message Converter; import org.servlet.config.annotation. Default Servlet Handler Configurer; import org.servlet.config.annotation. Enable Web Mvc; import org.servlet.config.annotation. Resource Handler Registry; import org.servlet.config.annotation. Web Mvc Configurer Adapter; @Configuration @Enable Web Mvc public class Web Mvc Config extends Web Mvc Configurer Adapter package org.o7planning.springmvcsecurity.config; import org.springframework.context. User Info DAO; import org.o7planning.springmvcsecurity.mapper. User Info Mapper; import org.o7planning.springmvcsecurity.model. User Info; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation. Jdbc Dao Support; import org.springframework.stereotype. Service; import org.springframework.transaction.annotation. Transactional; @Service @Transactional public class User Info DAOImpl extends Jdbc Dao Support implements User Info DAO package org.o7planning.springmvcsecurity.authentication; import

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