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2) Will the DWP’s trawl of cases extend to claimants who were claiming IB or SDA between 2011-14 but have since either moved onto another benefit (eg PC) or are no longer entitled to a means-tested benefit? Any other info about the process would be welcomed.

Well done to all involved in getting this great result for our clients.

Do direct message me if you want the email address and I can send it you.

The primary legislative provisions governing claims and late claims are set out in Sections 241, 342 and 342A of the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005, as amended.

That acceptance may result in claimants receiving substantially more arrears when errors are discovered in future.’ Yes, some individual cases were raised in 2013, but at that time the Department felt that they were individual cases.

It was not that the Department was lacklustre in trying to deal with the issue…

ESA50; are there are valid reasons that a client in Support Group since 2013, currently undergoing IB/ESA REASSESSMENT, would be required to complete ESA50 form, as one has been sent to her?

We called the special ESA(IBR) number- they do not deal with ESA50s so couldn’t help.

In partial answer to question 1 I have an email address which I can give you if you have cases that need to queue jump because the circumstances are particularly difficult - but it is only to be used sparingly and not for every case you come across that is waiting to be contacted.

The Low Income Scheme assessment takes into account council tax and housing costs, so people could get help with health costs even if their income is too high to qualify for a means-tested benefit.

At no point have we actually stopped individuals from making a claim to income-related benefits.

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the DWP now appears to accept that it cannot lawfully rely on section 27 Social Security Act 1998 to limit arrears arising from a past error merely because a court case has subsequently discussed the issues relating to that error.

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