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Updating nvidia drivers debian

This may be the case with a new video card you bought that doesn’t work without the latest driver.

For such situations, Debian has a special repository where you can upgrade certain pieces of software that you absolutely need to have.

With “deb.debian.org” that should no longer be an issue.

It helps a lot, especially if you enable automatic upgrades.

Among other things, such as the RAR archiver or Steam game platform, you will find drivers for your video card, Wi-Fi adapter and other hardware in “non-free.” If you need these, for example to play 3D video games or if your Wi-Fi isn’t working, enable “contrib” and “non-free.” Simply add the words at the end of each line, after “main.” The following is some text you can copy and paste: Your file might also contain different URLs instead of “deb.” Use “deb.debian.org,” as it has some advantages.

It dynamically redirects you to a server close to you.

Debian is an excellent Linux distribution, especially for servers.

The advantage is that you get an operating system that (almost) never “breaks.” You can pull in the latest security fixes, and rest assured that your laptop or computer will work just fine the next day.

You don’t lose a lot by not having the latest version of everything.

Most software doesn’t dramatically change in the course of two years.

With a static server you might notice that your computer hasn’t been automatically updating for days or weeks, while the server was offline.

On some installations the default file “/etc/apt/sources.list” might be missing.

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Since it won’t always redirect you to the same server, there’s another advantage.

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