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” So I figured I would put a few little snippets here to show you some ways it can be done.

We will work on reading a simple column (name) from an Access Database table (Employees) and stick those names into a listbox for selection.

The first example will be to use a Data Adapter class and its fill method to load it into a Data Set.

Think of this method like using a hose to fill up a bucket.

While there are many ways to do these things, I simply create 3 different ways that you can play with below.

Since you can only move to the next record at a time and can’t go back, .Slightly different than the first method, differing only by how we load the data.We could alter the tables in the Data Set directly before looping through it, but sometimes beginners find it easier to just loop through it like this and before displaying.Almost on a daily basis we run across posts that ask about using a . Oh it might have a slight variation like “How do I load a value from a database into a textbox?” or “How do I read a database into _______ control and then update the database?

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One great place to find connection string data for tons of different databases is at