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Ukrainian social net work for dating

The Russian aggression against Ukraine stimulated an IT team from Lviv to develop a Ukrainian social network as an alternative for the Russian-owned VKontakte or Odnoklassniki – the two most popular social networks in Ukraine.Bohdan Oliyarchuk, one of the social network’s founders, says that his team asked users to delete their pages in the Russian social networks leaving only the message “We are Ukrainians. “I receive dozens of letters from Ukrainian internet users every day,” Oliyarchuk adds.This is a backup of Wikipedia: Ukrainians_(social_network).All of its Af Ds can be found at Wikipedia: Special: Prefix Index/Wikipedia: Articles_for_deletion/Ukrainians_(social_network), the first at Wikipedia: Wikipedia: Articles_for_deletion/Ukrainians_(social_network).ua, launched in 2009, failed to gain popularity among Ukrainians despite setting its aims as “to develop patriotic spirit, promote Ukrainian language, its culture and history.” Another Ukrainian social network – – has Russian interface only.It is popular mostly among Russian-speaking Ukrainians.“The app aims to help you stand out from the rest and make a girl want to talk to you, remember about you and, if you are lucky enough, go out with you,” says Denys Bilozor, Likeapp’s founder, on his Facebook page. Using your account, Likeapp “will automatically and periodically ‘like’ the photos of your potential better half, make comments on her photos and send her a nice message.” The algorithm selects the best fits by the number of friends and followers, photos, posts and likes, and by other parameters.It is trained to avoid those who are engaged, married or have a fake profile.

AFTER the Maidan revolution in 2014, Ukraine declared that it was reorienting itself towards the West and hoped one day to join the European Union.

At night on April 1 during the first two hours 25,000 have registered and more than 400,000 people have visited the social network website, according to Oliyarchuk.

“Our plan is not just to set up a new social network.

He promises to remove the temporary necessary registration obstacles in the nearest future.

Oliyarchuk suggests that the hacker attacks might originate from Russia as more than 70 percent of visits to the website come from people with Russian IP addresses.

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We want to create a platform that will unite Ukrainians from all over the world and will become powerful information weapon,” Oliyarchuk said.