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” A recipient of either note gets to keep her trinket, but the recipient of the second note also has the host’s word he will assist her in hosting her own Tupperware party.

In the Tupperware scavenger hunt, hosts provide guests split up into teams with a list of clues leading them to containers hidden throughout the venue.

Prizes are awarded to those who score the highest after all the points have been tallied.

In a variation on this game, players each bring an apple and combine the apples to make applesauce after the game is over.

The party forms two teams and one leader is chosen for each team.

The leader runs across the room with a nickel between his knees and attempts to drop the nickel into the open bowl.

In the nickel game -- a game from the early days of Tupperware parties -- an open Tupperware container is placed on the opposite end of the room.

Some fun questions might be: Ask me about my first kiss. This might be a good one for you to wear as it can lead into you telling them what an awesome job you have now as a consultant Ask me about the funny joke I heard the other day.

Like the idea of this game but don't have the time to create your own name tags. Print on adhesive paper and they are ready for your guests to pick and stick. If you win the free Tupperware, I will follow through on my end of the deal, so please, follow through on your end of the deal too.

The host nods or point at a guest to acknowledge he can ask his question.

While the question is being asked and answered, the participant who asked the question holds a wrapped gift containing a Tupperware container.

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For the penny bowl game, give each guest a penny at the end of the party.

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