Together dating columbia

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Together dating columbia

Colombia has great biodiversity with 1,550 species of birds and over 13,000 species of plants. With a population of 42.3 million (30 June 2000), Colombia is a nation of mixed race.It is estimated that about 75 percent of the population is of mixed heritage, with 55 percent of this group being mestizos, 16 percent mulattoes, and 4 percent zambos .These groups are classified into three cultures: those in the interior, the countryside, and the coastal regions.Only during elections, sporting events, and beauty pageants do the regional cultures unite for a common goal. Covering about 440,000 square miles (1.14 million square kilometers), Colombia has coast on the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.The treeless regions adjacent to the cold zone usually are referred to as paramos (high plains), above which begin the nevados (snowcapped peaks).The cold zone receives heavy rainfall during the wet seasons from April to June and September to December.Because of the abundant rainfall and poor soil quality, few people inhabit this region.

Set in the central range to the west of the Magdalena are two of the most important cities: Medellín (the second largest city) and Manizales.

Lowland coastal areas give way to rain forest, the Andes, and the Inland Ilanos (plains).

Colombia is connected to Central America by the Isthmus of Panama.

Most of the population lives in the inland Andean region, which begins along the Caribbean coast near Venezuela.

Climatic effects are accentuated on the high elevations of these mountain ranges.

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The northern end of this range is characterized by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.