Tips on dating an older boy

Posted by / 09-May-2020 17:54

If anyone of these issues describe you, you might want to start a process of cleansing one’s closet of emotions beginning with taking down all those childhood things that you might have displayed around your room, office and elsewhere.

I love you and will do the best I can to help you, but remember I am not your dad.” There are some older men that have many issues that they are grappling with because they too have a little person within who desires a mother or father’s attention.

There is no guarantee that you will start to feel okay as you embark on this journey to free yourself childhood woes, but it is a start.

You and that one you are with will also have to stop looking back.

Some mature men have a history of dating older women because they wanted a mother figure, because they lacked a relationship with their own mothers.

Some date younger because they want to do all the things they didn’t get to do when they were in their youth.

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Please be advised to seek a professional for serious issues.