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Under Windows, the Express Card must be inserted before plugging in Thunderbolt. "We were able to run at our lowest latency settings and even run two 24 channel consoles together on a single 1394 connection all at 32 samples per buffer with no drop outs. Requires power connection to a USB 2.0 port for operation.

In a recent fxguide rc podcast, Jason and Mike commented about the delays in seeing products actually shipping.

…As far as the Echo Express Adapter, it allows us to plug in the Sonnet Tempo SATA Express 34 and then use the ESATA connection on the RED STATION.

This allows us to take advantage of the vastly faster Thunderbolt pipeline as compared to FW800. An almost 2.5x speed up from what we were using before…" Review: Sonnet Echo Thunderbolt Adapter "Have a new i Mac with Thunderbolt.

Using Express Card/34 cards, you can add Fire Wire, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, and e SATA ports and more!

The Pro also supports specialty adapters like RME's HDSPe Express Card, plus interface cards for the AJA® io Express and the Matrox® MX02 family.

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Sonnet’s Echo Express Card Pro is the fastest, least-expensive Sx S™ memory card reader available.