The use of lisrel in validating marketing constructs

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The use of lisrel in validating marketing constructs

Attachment is basically te process of developing an emotional bond (Collins and Read 1990), which is facilitated by consistent and repeated experiences between relationship partners (Perry 1998).

It can be measured on the basis of dependence, anxiety, and closeness (Collins and Read 1990).

THEORETICAL BACKGROUND Self-Congruity Effect Self-congruity is defined in this study as the parallel between consumer self-concept and brand personality that consumers feel or experience in the course of forming a consumer-brand relationship.

Consumers tend to like, prefer and ultimately maintain a long-term relationship with a brand which has an image consistent with themselves (Aaker 1999; Fournier 1998; Keller 2003).

There has been a considerable amount of interest in the concept of brand personality and how it relates to the self-congruity effect (e.g., Aaker 1999).

Brand personality is defined as a set of human characteristics associated with a brand (Aaker 1997).

Consumers become attached to a specific brand in the process of defining and maintaining their sense of self (Kleine, Kleine, and Allen 1995).The implications of the results for researchers and marketers are discussed. Ulgado (2005) ,"Brand Personality, Self-Congruity and the Consumer-Brand Relationship", in AP - Asia Pacific Advances in Consumer Research Volume 6, eds.Yong-Uon Ha and Youjae Yi, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 111-117.In sum, the purpose of our study is to empirically investigate the psychological processes involved in the formation of a positive relationship with a brand and explain the role that self-congruity plays in those processes.We focus especially on such constructs as emotion, which consumers experience as a result of self-congruity and brand commitment, a fundamental determinant of long-term relationships (Gundlach, Achrol, and Mentzer 1995).

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In other words, a brand is considered as an active relationship partner rather than a passive exchange object, and is endowed with human characteristics (Fournier 1998).