The problems with dating widows

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The problems with dating widows

We’re always incredibly touched by the stories we hear and think it’s wonderful that both are taking steps to seek companionship.However, some bumps along the process could possibly be avoided by not “crossing the border” from widow to divorcee. But should widowers and widows dating divorcees have to worry about their relationship? And if divorced, should they only date other divorcees?What’s the combination that will give you the best chance for true companionship?

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At Stitch, many of our members are either widowed or divorced, which brings new challenges to finding a partner later in life.

It’s an unchosen label that both connects them to others that have experienced the same trauma, but also makes them feel as if a world made for couples has thrown them aside.

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He said it was even more painful than his divorce, realizing that Terry would never truly be his.

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