Taylor swift and austin mahone dating

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Taylor swift and austin mahone dating

Listening to either of these women is a classic case of the blind leading the blind and Selena might as well take relationship advice from Jennifer Aniston while she’s at it.My second question is who does Selena Gomez think she is?Look at her previous dating history — with the exception of Jake Gyllenhaal [which I’m still inclined to think was a PR setup], the rest of her ex-boyfriends were immature and very young, to boot.It got to such a point that there were entire articles targeting Taylor for dating guys younger than her, and Austin definitely fits into that, doesn’t he?She’s 21 years old and all this talk about changing the world and men being threatened by her are complete rubbish.In fact, I would argue that garbage men do more to change the world than Selena Gomez.While we’d think the songstress would want to date someone older and more mature following Justin’s recent reckless escapades, Austin seems super sweet and innocent.

Her BFF Karlie Kloss did state yesterday that Taylor was too busy for boyfriends right now, and maybe she was telling the truth.

When talking to Seventeen magazine, she shared, ““I haven’t found someone yet who could understand my lifestyle, support it, love me through it and not be intimidated by it. I do think I scare some guys off because I’m like ‘I wanna change the world! Taylor is painfully single and emotionally stunted.

All of her reported relationships crash, burn, and become #1 singles.

He is very smart although he was home schooled because when he was in school kids made fun of him because he made lots of You Tube videos and when the kids saw them they thought they were silly.

Selena Gomez is reportedly seeing Austin Mahone, an up and coming singer. Apparently Selena’s chronically single BFF Taylor Swift helped make the love connection.

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This quiz is to see how well you know Austin Mahone.