Taking break relationship dating other people dating between boy and girl

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This behavior was totally unlike him, considering that even before we started dating, he had told me how much he didn't particularly enjoy drinking.After the whole ordeal was done, I began to realize this behavior wasn't simply because he wanted to "find himself" or explore new experiences.But, it correlates quite a bit to the overall outcome being a negative one.In my case, my ex began to go out drinking every night with co-workers, dabbling in illegal behaviors and retracting from our normal friend group in order to become close with some pretty destructive and negative people.Do not make excuses for this person if you're afraid standing up for yourself will push them away.This break is as much about you as it is for them and you need to be able to establish a sense of independence and reconsider your standards.If they continue to say things to you like, "You're the love of my life," "I promise this is temporary" or "I feel the same way about you that I've always felt" and then lie to you, there is something inconsistent and unreliable going on there.

If you are on the receiving end of this shitty arrangement, one of the first thoughts that will come to your mind is that this break is just a way for your partner to not deal with the inevitable breakup they truly want.Under no circumstances should you accept someone lying to you just to appease them or keep them around.This is a major sign something sketchy is going on, and this person is simply stringing you along.The way they may be acting feels hurtful, and it is easy to personalize it all.But, this should also make you reconsider whether or not you want to be with someone who may continue down this negative and disrespectful path once you reconnect.

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This means he would tell me he would text, call or follow through with set plans to meet in person, only to ignore me and fail to tell me he was busy and wasn't going to be able to follow through.