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Speed dating for single college grads boston

Skeptics abound, and the same folks who think Linden didn’t really win Boston so much as survive it on a once-in-a-century weather day.Writers at Lets are already betting against her for 2020, predicting Huddle, Jordan Hasay, and Amy Cragg will make the team for Tokyo.A long dirt driveway leads from the door of Desiree Linden’s Lake Michigan home out to the road and the miles of rolling hills that wind past dairy farms and fruit stands.It’s mid-July, a.m., and the temperature has already climbed into the 80s with the humidity hanging like a sweater.

Even as Linden strode down the final stretch to the 2018 Boston finish line and the biggest moment of her career, Paul Swangard, commentating the race live for NBC Sports, called her a “blue-collar kind of runner.” Linden hasn’t watched a replay of that race, but sometimes when she’s in the middle of a run, coasting along the dirt roads surrounding her Michigan home, she’ll think about it and literally laugh out loud.

“It’s kind of comical,” she says, chuckling again at the absurdity of the day, how the race unfolded. That did not happen; this is not real.’” It a bizarre race.

In a deluge of rain, with temperatures in the high 30s and 25-mph headwinds, Linden didn’t even bother to warm up.

Linden and Kawauchi, hop aboard the Ark.”) Today, she’s only a couple weeks removed from the exhausting post-marathon blitz of media interviews, race appearances, podcast recordings, and surreal events, including a stroll down the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards, where she presented Taylor Swift the award for top female artist.

With 16 weeks until her next race, the New York City Marathon, she has time to take it easy.

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She wasn’t training like a pro—she was training like the college kid she was, working less in the offseason than some teammates, studying more.