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Souljaboy dating

Likewise, on March 2013, he released the EP ‘All Black’ and soon came up with the mixtape ‘Foreign 2’.

Besides that, Soulja Boy’s mixtape releases continued in 2014 as he came up with ‘King Soulja 2’ in March.

He also announced his upcoming projects including the fourth studio album, ‘Loyalty’.

In the year 2015, Soulja Boy released his fourth studio album ‘Loyalty’.

Being an American rapper, Soulja Boy has a huge fan following rate.On the same year, he received the Ozone Award in the category of ‘Patiently Waiting: Mississippi’.He has an estimated net worth of around million and he has earned that sum of money from his professional career.Beginning 2011, he released a series of mixtapes, starting with ‘Smooky’, followed by ‘1UP’ and next ‘Juice’.However, delays in releasing the album led him to release the mixtape ‘Foreign’ in February 2013.

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While ‘Stack on Deck’ was his fifth digital album, ‘Better Late Than Never’ was his sixth digital album.