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Social network love dating

For those of you who feel “well if not for social networks then I wouldn’t get caught and that is my issue”.

Well here is an idea, don’t do things that can get you caught up.

Four years later, she found herself madly in love with the same stranger.“He liked my photos and commented on my Facebook posts regularly.

Then he got my number on my information list and contacted me,” Kganyago says.

If you want to creep, don’t be in a relationship and just date whoever you want.

Social networks can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. We all have to get to a point where we can be honest with ourselves about our shortcomings.

It makes it clear when some men and women have deeper insecurities (rooted in that relationship or relationships from the past) that need to be addressed.

After a few online and offline chats, Sebeka and her beau let love do its thing.

Unfortunately, she soon found out that the guy had omitted important information about his previous romantic escapades. But Sebeka investigated further and discovered he had several children with different women and had previously dated her friend.“I dumped him.

There are many other things these social networks expose but I think you understand what I am saying here.

We can’t keep looking for a scapegoat to explain questionable behavior.

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Kganyago and her partner are hoping to take their relationship to the next level soon.