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I liked nothing more than being hugged by her and feeling her breasts rub up against me while being lost in he vapors of her musk mixed with the scent of crushed roses she always wore.

There's so many lol Having sex with my bf's best friends girl friend , while the pair of them were down stairs playing on the play station Having sex in an alley around the back of a bar with a guy I just met, while hubby sat at the bar waiting for me .

Her clothes started to become sultrier, she would wear more makeup than she had before, she would use expensive perfumes, and such.

She even started to teach me to ballroom dance inspired by a suggestion from Momma's Boy.

However despite all of this she was still very conservative and also religious.

Religious taboos were very real for her and she was very frightened by them.

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I don't know how it started except that one night I had wet dream about her and since then she was all I wanted. My Dad took off one day and she never heard from him again until she got his divorce papers. She was 45, always dressed conservatively, and acted prim and proper. To look at her you would think she was the All American Mom. Underneath her stoic veneer was a tall woman of 5'10".