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Sexy dating older women

She is comparatively wealthy, or at least financially independent, and she expresses her sexuality by publicly pursuing younger men for casual relationships or sexual encounters.She does so, she says, because she wants a partner who appreciates and can satisfy a sexually assertive and financially independent woman.

Women also say that younger men do appreciate their financial independence, their interest in sex, and their freedom from stereotypes.Statistics about longevity from these sources are mixed: divorces between couples with age gaps, whoever is the older, are more common than in couples with similar ages.Also, these documented relationships were not flings; most had lasted at least two years.Some women and men consider "cougar" a sexist, derogatory term, but the flavor of the meaning in context varies from empowering to offensive.Current terms for men who marry or seek relationships with (much) younger women are such things are the derogatory "dirty old man" and more rarely, a "rhino." The term cougar is an illustration of how modern culture defines and prescribes the roles for (heterosexual) women and men in society.

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There are many reasons why women might choose to enter into such relationships on a more or less permanent basis.

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