Sedating cough

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Sedating cough

If the child’s physician did not order sedation but you are concerned that your child may need it during the MRI, please alert the radiology scheduler.The sedation physicians will determine the way the child will be sedated on the day of the MRI.

Prophylactic probiotics, zinc sulfate, nasal saline irrigation, and the herbal preparation Chizukit reduce the incidence of colds in children.

Doctors and nursing staff will administer the sedation medications.

While the child is sedated and the MRI is taking place, he or she will be monitored constantly.

The common cold, or upper respiratory tract infection, is one of the leading reasons for physician visits.

Generally caused by viruses, the common cold is treated symptomatically.

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It is a synthetic opiate that acts on the central nervous system in the same way as its naturally occurring family members, codeine and morphine.

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