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It started out in the 1950’s at the Casino Deportivo in Havana.The people invented a new casino dance, using popular dance steps of the time, danced as a group in a circle or wheel.New Yorkers are quite fanatical about Salsa On 2 – there‚s stacks of internet sites which debate the finer points of ‚Salsa On 1″ and ‚Salsa On 2″. Salsa Music LA doesn’t have a distinctive salsa music style. In LA-style Salsa Cuban salsa music isn’t popular, as it doesn’t work with the LA dance style.Salsa Dance LA style salsa moves are designed to dazzle the spectator – exciting, sexy and flamboyant with lots of dips, spins and drops.Come the revolution, the casinos were closed, and the people started to dance ‘casino’ style in the local community halls.

Rueda is a synchronised cuban group dance with constantly exchanging dance partners.

It looks like this is a byproduct of the disco craze, which was HUGE in The Big Apple in the late 70‚s and early 80‚s.

Take another look at Saturday Night Fever when you get the chance.

Cuban dancers have a lot of fun at these times – they pull back from a close embrace and launch into rhythmic middle body shudders and amazing buttock trembles ‚ all movements derived from afro-cuban rumba.

Some musicians known for Timba (but also for Son): Los Van Van Pupy Y Los Que Son Son Habana de Primera Alexander Abreu Maraca Charanga Habanera NG La Banda Bamboleo Manolito Simonet El Nino y la Verdad See more about Timba in “History of Salsa and Timba” Salsa Dance Cubans call their salsa dance style ‘casino’.

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Cuban style salsa differs from the north american salsa styles in that it is ‘circular’ rather than linear.

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