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At the end of the day, I rather enjoy the ambiguity.

It makes it sound like a HUMAN singing, rather than a man or woman.

Here is a theory: Carrie passed away in December 2012 although I am not sure exactly when. How did he communicate with Carrie at the end of her life? I think being less coy about it on such an emotionally honest album is interesting. These times are shrouded in mystery, wonder and desire for me.

This was during the Surfjohn-Stevens-Christmas-Sing-A-Long-Tour. I have a theory that the line about 'the strength of his arm' may be referencing Jacob wrestling, similar to come o thou traveller unknown, the song is full of other biblical references and 'the strength of his arm' is an image used often in the Bible to refer to God (example somewhere here). Not til hearing some of Sufjan's songs have I heard these experiences described through someone else's voice.

I’m still sick and my dogs are insisting on taking their wrestling matches directly onto my feet so that one or both of them can chew on my toes as they flip each other over.

In the interest of getting myself better, I’m not sure if I need raging music to beat the crap out of this illness or if I need some soft soothing tones to lull me to sleep like some good old-fashioned Nyquil.

Also, I've hiked Spencer's Butte many times.

It's in Eugene where Sufjan visited his mother when he was younger. I am a firm believer that Sufjan is too much of an artist to accidentally reveal his sexuality in his art (unless he wanted to for some overarching reason).

But again, as people say, it doesn't necessarily mean anything.Majesty Snowbird is not just one of my favorite unreleased Sufjan tracks out there, but one of my favorite tracks by him in general.It's a shame that he hasn't officially released it.Those two pictures are definitely not of Spencer's Butte. I go to school in Eugene and climbed Spencer's Butte within the last couples months and it was much different. super excited about Carrie and Lowell - I loved the e-mail from AK that was like, "is it good? If he isn't willing to do so publically, then he probably wouldn't do so through his art. All for Myself Owl & Tanager ("I punched you in the head..That looks almost like a West Virginia landscape or something. I think the kid in the picture might be Andrew Smith (of the Danielson family)? Here's something from his tumblr that looks like oc: and (note wedding ring)What do you guys think? He's proven to be obscurant about his personal life in his music, and when he does reveal information, it's usually stuff that we already know (like professing to be a Christian, or being abandoned by his mother).

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Thus, today’s list of women to listen to will be a mixture of both.

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