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Rodney alcala dating game cheryl bradshaw

Alcala made his way back to California and made his infamous appearance on THE DATING GAME in 1978.

As prosecutors prepared to retry the case a third time, they tested Alcala’s DNA against unsolved crimes and found four matches.

The discovery of Samsoe’s earrings in the locker, along with jewelry belonging to other missing women, led to Alcala’s arrest.

Though he was convicted of Samsoe’s murder and sentenced to death, another lucky break came Alcala’s way when his conviction was overturned by the California Supreme Court’s ruling that jurors should not have been informed of his prior crimes during his trial.

He was finally arrested for his crimes against Tali Shapiro when two of his campers recognized him on a wanted poster.

In another stroke of luck for Alcala, Tali Shapiro and her family had relocated to Mexico and didn’t want Tali to testify.

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In addition to the seven murders for which he has been convicted, he is suspected of many more.