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Rebecca st james dating book

Age 32: Stars in the film Sarah’s Choice, which was praised by Christian movie critics.

Roosevelt became the 32nd president of the United States. Rebecca is a strong advocate of sexual purity before marriage. Age 25: Writes a book called , which promotes waiting until marriage for sex, cementing her as a key spokesperson for abstinence.Her book goes on to sell 100,000 copies and spawn a journal and study guide. Also participates in the pop/prock Veggie Tales album (by covering the Veggi Tales Theme Song).Few people are this consistently talented and admirable over such a long period; she’s a star by any measure.Born: July 26, 1977 to father David (a concert promoter) and mother Helen. Age 8: While attending a children’s church group meeting in Australia, she makes a conscious decision to give her heart to God, a moment that she will remember clearly for the rest of her life as “the best decision I ever made.” Age 9-11: Attends Pacific Hills Christian School in Australia.

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