Ratesdating 2016 jelsoft enterprises ltd

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Ratesdating 2016 jelsoft enterprises ltd

Today (4 days after getting it fixed), i got onto the highway and everything was fine but once I got off and slowed down at a stoplight, the idle suddenly started getting much slower until it stopped. It happens in gear and in neutral while moving and stopped.

When starting the bike, it takes a little/moderate throttle to get it going and it'll idle for 10-60 seconds before getting slower and finally dying.

Upon completion of firmware upgrade, the device will turn off.

Check the gas just so you can eliminated it as an issue.It had 2800 miles on it and I've put on another 250-300 since then.First problems that came up (about 2 weeks after purchase) were: sputtering/stumbling/power loss while accelerating, some popping/banging sounds and low idle.Also, putting any choke on the bike pretty much instantly kills the engine.. Exhaust is very light white color and I sometimes can smell gas (running rich?) I'm bringing into the dealer again but I wanted to hear what anyone had to say first.

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If it does, or if you hear air rush into the tank, it may mean the tank vent is clogged, which the tank to pull a vacuum and eventually starves the engine of gas. I hope the sharp people post How many miles on the bike? It needed the valves checked at 600 miles and 4000 and then every 400 I believe. Except for the gas smell, these same symptoms happened to me when I got a tank of gas that was contaminated with water.

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