Radioisotopes as tracers in carbon dating Bahrain xxx web cam video

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Closer examination of the atoms that make up a given element has shown that, although they have the same number of protons, they can have differing numbers of neutrons.

For example, the element carbon has three naturally occurring atomic forms – Some arrangements of the protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei are in a state of high energy and are said to unstable.

If a piece of wood has 50% of the present level of Carbon 14, then one half life of the isotope has pasted and the age of wood is 5,600 years.

If the wood has only 25 % of present level of Carbon 14 then two half lives have past and the wood is 11,200 years old.

Cobalt-60, a gamma ray emitter, is used in the sterilisation of medical dressings and instruments.The more familiar types of this radiation are alpha particles, beta particles and high-energy gamma rays.High-energy gamma radiation is very penetrating and, if the dose is high enough, can damage living cells beyond repair.after four half lives only 1/16 or 5.5% of the isotope is left giving an age of 21,600 years.After seven half lives (37,200 years) there is less than 1% left (.6875% ).

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Rearrangements can occur, leading to the emission of radiation.