Questions for newly dating couples

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Questions for newly dating couples

(“Non sequiturs are always good because they can be fun and different.”) 4.

Tell me an embarrassing story from high school or college. If you could be an artist, what medium would you work in and why? In a hypothetical world, what would our future children’s jobs be? When was the last time someone, other than me, praised you? What school assignment did you absolutely kick ass on?

If people are inquiring about the cost of a specific vendor and you don’t want to disclose that info, you can politely tell them that you’re keeping the specifics between you two and your parents.

If you feel comfortable enough, you can give them a percentage versus of revealing a price point, such as, “We’re trying not to spend more than 40% of our budget on catering.” Where are you going on your honeymoon?

It takes more than a couple of days to find a venue and set a date so don’t feel pressured when people are dying to hear about the setting.As it turns out, there are plenty of options for us too. Here were our impressions: Couple This one's almost like a social media platform but dedicated to the two of you instead of your entire social network.You can upload photos, create shared lists, and add dates relevant to your relationship to a calendar.A response such as, “They’ll contribute with an amount they feel comfortable with” doesn’t give a direct answer but will hopefully end the conversation. Something this direct can create a bit of an awkward situation, especially if you’re not even sure of the answer.We recommend not answering yes or no flat-out (unless you know 100% they’ll definitely be invited).

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Photo: Amy Allen Photography Your engagement announcement will likely be followed by dozens of congratulations and twice as many questions about everything from the ceremony location to the cake flavor. At this point you’ve probably told the story so many times it sounds like an audio recording instead of an incredible thing that happened to you.

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