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If the Board of Directors approves the termination of the Platinum Member, the Secretary shall give written notice to the Platinum Member.

(c) If a Platinum Member becomes Controlled by another Platinum Member or Gold Member, such Platinum Member (“Controlled Platinum Member”) shall cease to be a Platinum Member on the closing date of the transaction which results in the Platinum Member becoming a Controlled Platinum Member.

Upon a written request by an Individual Member, Platinum Member or Gold Member for the purposes permitted by Delaware Corporate Law, the Secretary shall make available the contact information of all Platinum Members solely for the purposes permitted under Delaware Corporate Law, provided that the Secretary may require the information to be treated as confidential information by the recipient to the extent permitted by Delaware law.

This user guide introduces SDC Platinum, a software application with web connection that is the industry standard for information on new issues, M&A, syndicated loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills, and more.

(b) Any director may make a motion to terminate a Platinum Member for breach of the Platinum Member Agreement and provide reasonable detail on the nature of the breach.

If the breach is not cured within the period provided in the Platinum Member Agreement, the Board of Directors shall vote on termination of the Platinum Member.

The service is valid for 12 months and available for all Flowmon products.

The nomination must be in writing to the Secretary with the information determined by the Board of Directors.

So often, software is purchased and you are left to "get on with it" - that is not the case with Platinum; there is always someone there to help." "We still use the system which was installed about 5 years ago and has been running successfully ever since.

I have found it an excellent tool for reporting, accounting, database and much, much more.

Gold Support and Platinum Support are comprehensive services ensuring customers full support for their Flowmon solution.

Thanks to Gold Support you get automated access to upgrades, fast system support and extended hardware warranty with Next Business Day on-site hardware repair.

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(d) If any new Platinum Member is admitted to membership to fill a vacancy in the Platinum Membership during the initial term, then the term of the new Platinum Member shall be the remaining term of the Platinum Member whose vacancy was filled.