Patent number dating chart service to distribute information dating provided

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Patent number dating chart

In addition, some embodiments may provide the ability to evaluate the attractiveness of potential matches.Various embodiments may be capable of importing user profiles from other social-networking systems.The method further comprises receiving a request for matches from a first user, the first user associated with a first user profile.

In another embodiment, a method for profile matching comprises receiving a plurality of user profiles, each user profile comprising traits of a respective user.Some embodiments may be capable of generating the pool of users based on both explicit and implicit criteria derived from other social networking systems.Other technical advantages will be readily apparent to one skilled in the art from the following figures, description and claims.It also comprises receiving a preference indication for a first user profile of the plurality of user profiles.It further comprises determining a potential match user profile of the plurality of user profiles based on the preference indication for the first user profile.

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Many of these architectures have gained significant notoriety because they can offer the benefits of automation, convenience, management, and enhanced consumer selections.