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For the ultra-Orthodox, religious restrictions against the “mingling” of genders prevent singles from taking advantage of contemporary coupling opportunities. Marital aspirants meet almost exclusively through the intercession of like this group in Borough Park.A matchmaker—usually a woman, but men provide the service as well—finds a match and informs the parents on each side.

This alone time could also be what I often refer to as “An Orthodox Dating Desert Wasteland.” It may be lonely, but it serves as a good time to reflect and grow; after all, how many saints have fled to the desert to seek God?“Who in their wildest dreams can begin to describe the . “No one will have mixed seating at a wedding anymore, even though there’s nothing [religiously] wrong with it.No one goes to the movies anymore.” Acting out isn’t worth it if it might cost you—or a sibling, a cousin, or a child—a match.Ultra-Orthodox women are ready to marry typically by age 19, after a post-high-school year in seminary; the men continue their religious studies into their early twenties.That scenario, plus the rapid growth of these communities—an estimated 3 percent per year—means more 19-year-old women than 23-year-old men.

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