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Posted by / 19-Apr-2020 21:31

From platforms geared toward religious affiliations to social class delineations to ones for Disney aficionados (yes, that exists), there seems to be something for everyone nowadays.In regards to gay men, in particular, the app market is riddled with options centered on appearance: i.e. Very little are actually grounded in emotional connections—a pervasive characteristic that Chappy, a new app created by the parent company of Bumble, is trying to circumvent.

Our user experiences a different journey with  Chappy—one that’s entirely their own.

As a result, we have the lowest reporting and blocking averages in the industry—that’s something to be really proud of.  Our theory is, if you wouldn’t do it in real life, why would you do it online? How would you describe the stigma associated with gay dating apps, and why do you think it is so pervasive?

  The market is oversaturated with one-sided hookup driven apps.

We’re redefining the gay dating space and are really proud of that. Connection, in all of its forms, is limitless and we intend to push the boundaries of how we bring people together. You’ve had a string of private events over Pride Month.

How is  Chappy looking to grow its audience year-over-year? What was the purpose of doing this when they weren’t open to the general public?

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  Chappy is dedicated to providing an improved online experience for men looking to connect with other men.