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Hot Tip: This is the first exciting point in the application process…you get to earn points when you pay for your photos!Can you think of a way to maximize your bonus points? passport fees are stated on the State Department website. Department of State” and make sure you have the exact amount if you’re wanting to pay with cash. Do not sign your application until requested by the authorized agent, otherwise you’ll have to complete the form again. When completing the passport form, make sure you pay close attention to the different fields.There is a great article explaining how to use a Private Passport Expediter.Please note that using such a service should be done with caution. But expect it to take at least 3 weeks if you got it in standard delivery, and it can actually take up to a month or two depending on how backed up they are. Government forms always have menacing looking names, but this form is quite easy.Different evidence is required for those (1) born in the U. While some facilities provide photo-taking services, it is easiest to do this ahead of time.

passport, you’ll need to complete the following steps: The official application for a U. You have a few options to select when applying for a passport document: The passport book is a little more expensive, but there aren’t any restrictions.

Click the link to search around for the office nearest you.

For those of you traveling within two weeks or need a foreign visa within four weeks, then you’ll need to visit a Passport Agency.

If you go into a Passport Agency, their expected turnaround time is eight days.

Using a private company could speed it up to even less, reportedly even 48 hours.

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This process is extremely important to prevent issues in obtaining citizenship. If you plan to be traveling a lot, get the 52 page passport. government will send you a new passport versus adding pages into your current one. If your certificate was not filed for over a year after your birth, or you do not have one, you must also submit a combination of the following:other official documentation that you feel might be relevant, whether you are a U. It’s important to note that social security cards are not considered evidence.

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