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Nlp and dating

Einspruch & Forman 1985 state that "when modeling another person the modeler suspends his or her own beliefs and adopts the structure of the physiology, language, strategies, and beliefs of the person being modeled.

After the modeler is capable of behaviorally reproducing the patterns (of behavior, communication, and behavioral outcomes) of the one being modeled, a process occurs in which the modeler modifies and readopts his or her own belief system while also integrating the beliefs of the one who was modeled." Modeling is not confined to therapy, but can be, and is, applied to a broad range of human learning.

Another aspect of modeling is understanding the patterns of one's own behaviors in order to 'model' the more successful parts of oneself.

The Milton model is a form of hypnotherapy based on the language patterns for hypnotic communication of Milton Erickson, a noted hypnotherapist.

Other training exercises develop a person's ability to move around internal images, change the quality of sounds and find out how these affect the intensity of internal feelings or other submodalities.

Although NLP did not discover submodalities, it appears that the proponents of NLP may have been the first to systematically use manipulation of submodalities for therapeutic or personal development purposes, particularly phobias, compulsions and addictions.

If a person repeatedly used predicates such as "I can see a bright future for myself", the words "see" and "bright" would be considered visual predicates.

In contrast "I can feel that we will be comfortable" would be considered primarily kinesthetic because of the predicates "feel" and "comfortable".

The practitioner could ascertain this from external cues such as the direction of eye movements, posture, breathing, voice tone and the use of sensory-based predicates.

NLP teaches 'mirroring' or matching body language, posture, breathing, predicates and voice tonality.

Rapport is an aspect of 'pacing' or tuning into the client or learners world.

These verbal cues could also be coupled with posture changes, skin color or breathing shifts.

The theory was that the practitioner by matching and working within the preferred representational system could achieve better communication with the client and hence swifter and more effective results.

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Thirdly, to allow for interpretation in the words offered to the client.

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