Ms project percent complete not updating dating coach in san francisco

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Ms project percent complete not updating

You also do this in the Project Options dialog box.

You can set the status date to a date other than today's date in the Project Information dialog box.

Best Uses Add the Complete field to the timephased portion of the Task Usage view when you want to display or edit the percent complete for a task for a particular time period.

To see the total percent complete for the task, review the % Complete field in the timephased portion of the Task Usage view or other task sheet view.

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Just like the description on the field tells us, it only reports progress on the tasks duration.

If the % Complete field is set to 100, the Actual Finish field is set to the scheduled finish date.

If you type a value in the % Complete field, Project automatically calculates actual duration and remaining duration.

This post will help clear up some of the confusion, I hope. ——————————————— The Physical % Complete field shows an entered percent complete value that can be used as an alternative for calculating budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP).

March 2016 update —————— Raphael Santos, Consultant at Sensei Project Solutions, is kind enough to provide a translated version of this post in Portuguese. Oh Microsoft, such sweet words, but now let’s see it in action!

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I created a project with example tasks to show the changes when progress is made.

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