Model updating using operational data

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Software applications are available that allow loading and manipulation of data within in a PODS database through a GIS front-end.The data model itself is GIS neutral, and the fact that it is open allows many software companies to develop applications that can interface with it.Go to the Members Only area to download this latest version.In the current release of the PODS Pipeline Data Model (PODS 6.0, May, 2013) the PODS model has been broken down into 31 modular components which may be implemented independently with certain dependencies.This linear reference system incorporates location information with every record stored in the database.The ‘address’ or engineering station describes either a linear section of the pipeline or a point where that particular record applies.

Typical information stored in a PODS database includes (partial list): The PODS Relational Model is implemented on either an Oracle or SQL Server RDBMS, and is therefore GIS-neutral.Similarly for a point feature, such as a valve, the begin station and end station are the same value (i.e., 500 m).In a similar manner, the same linear referencing system is used to locate, and effectively overlay, inspection reports, events, activities, or features, which occur on or near the pipeline.Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) data model is an industry standard, used by pipeline operators to provide a “single master source of information,” and to eliminate “localized silos of information that are often unconnected.” As the US and other parts of the world increase their focus on pipeline integrity management (PIM), the importance of data integration should not be overlooked.Referencing and integrating data within a spatial context can help to provide pipeline operators with a ‘definitive view’ of their pipeline assets.

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Because of its open architecture, PODS can be accessed and used by multiple vendors who use different platforms.

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