Michael waltrip dating

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Michael waltrip dating

He is also an author: his book was featured as a New York Best Seller in 2011.

He appeared, in 2014, as a cast member in the television series, ‘Dancing with the Stars.

Michael was noticed by Earnhardt and moved in with Richard and Kyle Petty.A typical NASCAR driver makes more than 1.5 million US dollars per year. earned about 15 million in winnings and salary alone and another nine million US dollars from endorsements, which totaled about twenty-four million US dollars.Drivers can also make more money from endorsements, winnings, and merchandise. Drivers who create more TV ratings get more sponsorship deals and money, and Waltrip was one of the most popular drivers.According to Star Magazine, which was first to announce that Michael and Emma were dating, the 26-year difference between the two love birds has never been a problem.On April 2007, Michael was rightfully charged with reckless driving and fleeing the scene of an accident after he crashed his car onto a telephone booth.

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Through his book, which later became a New York Times bestseller – In the Blink of an Eye – he might have added some extra fortune onto his net worth.

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