Mandating alternative energy

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Mandating alternative energy

Many experiments with alternative energy technologies and vehicles have already been conducted in many universities and colleges across the country.The president feels optimistic about making the switch to alternative energy sources and replacing fossil fuels when it comes to generating energy.The most recent development is the increased ecological problems that the dam has created.In the case of China, the alternative energy source may have caused more problems in the long run.2} The European Union.

The initial interest and investment of the Canadian government along with a lineup of alternative energy companies has been quite impressive.

The Russian government is taking on the daunting challenge, even during times of financial crisis.7} Norway.

While the land mass of Norway cannot be compared to some of the other members on this list, Norway has made incredible strides in alternative energy.

The Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) and subsequent legislation require federal government agencies to incorporate alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) into their fleets and/or adopt other strategies to reduce fleets' petroleum use.

This chart shows EPAct AFV acquisition requirements, total AFV acquisitions, and additional credits toward the acquisition requirements for all covered federal agencies from fiscal year (FY) 2000 through FY 2017.

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Norway gets 99 percent of its energy from hydro and 1 percent from other renewable energy sources.

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