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Julie chen dating les moonves

I will always, always cherish the memories we shared.Most important, I want to thank you, the viewers, for allowing me into your home every day."When she learned that I got the job, she sent me the most beautiful floral arrangement.

Asked what the secret was to their enduring marriage, Chen recalled, "Very early on my husband said to me, 'Let's never say something to the other person where—just know anything you say, you can't take it back.' So never hit below the belt, no matter how emotional you're feeling, or vulnerable, or hurt, or angry. We don't fight."I'm a very easygoing person," she continued. And my husband, he has learned how to count to 10 backwards in his head."Leslie is a good man and a loving father, devoted husband and inspiring corporate leader.He has always been a kind, decent and moral human being.Acknowledging that Moonves had denied assaulting or harassing anyone, King added, "It's been my experience that women don't come out and speak this way for no reason. In our own house we must have full transparency.""I feel for Julie Chen today," King also said. And Les Moonves has done wonderful things for this company, and we can't forget that either.So, it's just a bad situation all the way around.".

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When she first started, she was a bit on the stiff, robotic side, but has long since eased into the role—and her robotic seriousness is part of the fun.) from 1999 until 2002.