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Jewishstudentdating com

By calling upon their audience to remember the horror of the Civil War, the SDS evoked “powerful sentiments of condolence for survivors of war, respect for the dead, and by implication, the nation’s policies and regimes that occasioned their loss (Horowitz).” In the midst of the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement, Lincoln’s words are especially useful for SDS’s political purposes: they act as an invocation to pursue the end of the Vietnam War as well as restore balance between American ideology and policy.In addition to Lincoln, the statement borrowed from equally powerful historical documents like “The Declaration of Independence.” Jefferson’s assertion that “all men are created equal” provided powerful ammunition for the SDS’s blatant indictment of U. Viewed by many as nothing more than timely crafted propaganda, the false rhetoric of the Declaration of Independence rang especially true during the Vietnam era (Horwitz 63).However, the adherents were linked by their opposition to the Vietnam War or by their affiliation with the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), a national organization only in name.Originally founded in 1959 as a subsidiary of the socialist League for Industrial Democracy, SDS evolved as the major organization associated with the antiwar movement as a whole (Hellman 74).Though the movement was (and remains) associated with elite institutions like the University of California at Berkeley, student activism flourished at second-tier state schools as well, especially Kent State and Michigan State.

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Furthermore, they claimed a much greater proportion of working-and middle-class students than prestigious institutions like Berkeley and Columbia, making them far more culturally and ideologically representative of both the movement and the national climate as well.