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Itunes smart playlist live updating

Scroll down through and if any of them show exclamation points to the left of the song's name, that means the path has been lost.If you try to play the song, a window will pop up telling you i Tunes cannot find the song. When you select "Yes", a search window will pop up.However, for a long time there has been a bug related to i Cloud Music Library where the play count would not update until about 24 hours after playback.So a smart playlist using a rule such as 0 plays would momentarily remove a played track from the playlist and then put it straight back based on the metadata from the cloud.A simple example is a Loved playlist, which would contain all the songs you have loved in Apple Music.If you love a new song, it will automatically appear in the Loved playlist.If you go this route, be aware that once a playlist has been saved to the Music app, it is not longer smart.It won’t auto update like a smart playlist that you create in i Tunes and sync across.

So as a workaround in i OS 9 & 10, I've been using "playcount = 0 AND lastplayed is not in the last day" to achieve what you describe.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange My smart playlists created in i Tunes are not syncing to my i Phone.Now I’m Beta6/7 they’ve added the feature where they actually update live just like i Tunes on the desktop!The only problem I’ve seen is that if you have the playlist open while it’s being updated (when a song finishes playing) Music will crash and the phone will respring. I've had a smart playlist since Apple Music was launched which adds tracks that I've Loved to a playlist.

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