Is memphis bleek dating toya

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Is memphis bleek dating toya

I Am So Blessed That Your Parents Chose Me To Be Your Fairy Godmother!

Memphitz Wright net worth: Memphitz Wright is an American producer who has a net worth of million dollars.He described their relationship as being “straight from the bricks” and says it was formed outside of music. “My relationship with Jay it has nothing to do with music,” Memphis Bleek said. She revealed to us that she's standing by her man..the same can't be said for him or his actions towards their marriage. Michelle and Christina Milian - and Toya didn't disappoint there either. On Memphitz’s claims that Toya is the reason he lost his job and his career I didn’t see the interview (see Sister 2 Sister interview below), but that’s what we’ve been dealing with. You know, maybe your husband feels like you’re the reason that this [situation] happened. All you can continue to do is be a good person and pray for him and help him get through it or whatever. But at the end of the day I’m gonna stand by my husband because that’s my husband. But I know my husband’s character and I’m big on character. Just like we had to learn the hard way, they have to learn the hard way. I’m going to always have time for her and make sure I do things the right way because she’s looking at me. No, I don’t, because it’s a lot of negative stuff going on now. Whatever the haters wanna say about me…that’s fine. I’ve heard the rumors but I couldn’t care…honestly.

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Toya, who appears throughout the show, was shockingly candid when it came to discussing her troubled marriage to Memphitz, which has been the source of rumor and gossip for months. My husband is going through a lot right now and I’ll continue to pray for him in his situation and hope that it gets better for him. And if my daughter is with somebody and she truly loves them…I could see if she had infidelity issues or he beat her or something she couldn’t control, then I’d say that’s an unhealthy relationship and she should walk away.

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