Irregular reinforcement dating rah prescott az dating

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Irregular reinforcement dating

As an example, if the cat would press a bar or pull on a string, a door would open allowing the cat to escape.

Once the cat was outside of the box, it would find some food in close proximity, thereby reinforcing the response (Thorndike, 1911).

The theory states that "an individual’s behavior is a function of its consequences" (Management Study Guide, 2013).

The table below is derived from the table created by Huitt & Hummel (1997): back to top Reinforcement theory provides two methods of increasing desirable behaviors.According to the law, the rate of a particular behavior depends both on its own reinforcement rate and on the reinforcement rate of other behaviors.From this statement, it follows that operants (i.e.The science of psychology that is often associated with the current era may be considered inadmissible to those that follow Skinner’s beliefs.Psychology has frequently been associated with the human mind and the evolution of cognitive awareness, causing Skinner to move in a different direction.

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Thorndike formulated the Law of Effect from the test studies which can be summarized as "responses that produce satisfaction will be more likely to recur and thus be strengthened" (Buskist & Davis, 2008). Skinner, published a paper (1970) in which he described the Quantitative Law of Effect.