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Intj esfj dating

The INTj can also appear uncompromising and difficult when defending their convictions.But the ESFj works well with all these things (which I personally see as massive character flaws but I can’t seem to help them), working well with everyday matters.It develops their and protect their individuality, but their identities might also be fused, making it hard to describe oneself without the other.Noticing your dual is actually quite hard, which doesn’t make it apparent at first glance that the two are compatible.Still, I sort of don’t do dating, relationships or anything.Maybe because I’m just too busy with other things in my head? Maybe because I’m bad as initiating and might actually need someone else to approach me?

The INTj gets softened when someone else cares about their wellbeing, which the ESFj might do and charm the stubborn INTj.

INTj and ESFj/ The Analyst and the Communicator/Robespierre and Hugo The INTj provide well-argued objective truths to the more emotional ESFj, not always knowing where their energy is best put, but the INTj can help explain where effort should be directed to not be wasteful and futile.

The Analyst strives for intellectual development, and the Communicator happily provides information, but perhaps more importantly: The ESFj listen to the insights of the INTj.

Instead of making a budget I live off what I think I might have, never too much in excess and indulgence unless I’m particularly stressed or tired and my self-control (like anyones when the brain is tired) might slip and I accidentally buy 10 books at once through Amazon.

But that happens rarely and still fits into my general idea of my budget.

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The INTj on their side can lack tact and not giving proper attention to others, and despite striving for politeness and treating people well, might accidentally offend others through their cold analysis.

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