Intimidating song titles

Posted by / 08-Aug-2020 01:27

Intimidating song titles

Sure, it's not a high priority, but anything that gets the blood flowing is a good thing.Anthony Rizzo has this under control with "Can't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I would imagine that was precisely the feel Teixeira was going for.

After all, he's got 2,000 hits, a World Series ring, and many All-Star appearances; he doesn't have much to be sorrowful about.

Nyjer Morgan was a nice spark plug for the Milwaukee Brewers this past season, and Tony Plush became a fan favorite there.

When you're a baseball player and you get mentioned in a song, you're practically obligated to use it as your walk-up theme. When Beyonce released "Deja Vu" as a single in 2006, Pierre noticed that Jay-Z gave him a shoutout in his lyrics. After all, if any other ballplayer was mentioned in a song, I'd imagine they would use it too.

With a nickname like "Pure Rage," you would expect Chris Perez to have a fairly extreme walk-up song for the times that he closes. It's not the first song you think of when you think of walk-up music, but it fits Perez very well and can certainly get a crowd going.

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The riff is catchy and will get people going, and while it's not overpowering, it should be enough to make fans take notice of Rizzo.