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The prayer hall was topped by a green 17 meters dome.

In 2014, the mosque was destroyed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant by explosives.

It contained the tomb of Imam al-Baher, which was situated next to the prayer hall.

Its construction started during the Saddam Hussein regime, but works were interrupted because of the political instability in the country and it remains incomplete to this day.

Reportedly the United Arab Emirates offered to finance the completion of the mosque on condition of the mosque being renamed Zayed Mosque in the name of the UAE Emir Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan but the offer was refused.

In the middle of the mosque stood a sepulcher, covered with a Persian carpet of silk and silver, and at the four corners, great copper candlesticks with wax tapers, besides several lamps and ostrich eggshells that hung down from the roof.

A whale's tooth, appropriate to Jonah's well-known adventure at sea, was said to be preserved there.

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Also, Assyrian King Esarhaddon (681-669 BC) previously built a palace on the site.

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