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International dating 2016

Currently available translations of ICHD-3 and ICHD-3 beta can be viewed in the downloads section.

The information about classification and diagnosis of headaches is supplemented by original documents and accompanying materials including lecture presentations and media library.

The digital media centre about classification and diagnosis of headaches will be continuously expanded.

The first computer was invented during 1936-1938, long before an international headache classification existed.

The ICHD-3 online service enables fast digital access to all information of the international headache classification.

ICHD-II, published in 2004, included a number of changes prompted partly by new evidence and partly by revised opinions of experts.The respective diagnoses can be viewed and selected in the text area after choosing a main heading.Using the text, the menu and the search function, answers to specific questions in clinical practice can be researched quickly.We have kept this momentum for 30 years, and the superiority of our classification became evident recently during the committee work in Geneva on the neurological section of ICD-11.No other discipline within neurology has such a systematic classification with explicit diagnostic criteria for every disease entity.

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A long journey that started in 2010 has ended with the publication of ICHD-3, but the present committee has still much to do for a couple of years.

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