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These private local control APIs were never supported Harmony features.

While it is unfortunate that customers using these unsupported features are affected by this fix, the overall security of our products and all of our customers is our priority.

So there’s no way to tell the status if any one of the device is controlled by the Harmony Hub is manually turned on or off from the manufacturers remote thanks again for your response and feedback Ha that’s great lol. to one u should be able to create a piston that shows when tv is on or off. I've seen lots of complaints about how long the Harmony switches in ST take to update when using the physical remote to turn stuff on or off.

But true, going to pick up harmony remote this weekend. Just found a really simple way to get instant state updates. This starts with the assumption that you've already added your Harmony hub(s) to Smart Things. Guys, I have been making use of this and been working brilliantly until the past 2 days. As I can see, when I start an activity from remote, it runs on, then off on Smartthings log, then I need to refresh the device to get the correct status.

Here's the full statement: Logitech recently released a firmware update for Harmony hub-based remotes that addressed some security vulnerabilities brought to our attention by a third-party cyber security firm.

Logitech takes our customers’ security seriously, and we work diligently to fix these kinds of issues as they’re discovered. We are aware that some customers using undocumented Harmony APIs for local home control were affected as a side-effect of our closing these vulnerabilities.

So if an activities is done through hatmony app or from Alexa Samsung Smart Things will update the activity status as on or off.This isn't the first time Logitech has essentially bricked one of its own devices.Late last year, the company announced it would "discontinue service and support" for Harmony Link devices within a few months.u=rxsamg&source_topic_id=80334&source_topic_id=68726 But even though the switches themselves updated, the “Harmony Hub” device itself did not update its current Activity until either the next refresh cycle or a manual refresh. I wanted to know if there is a way to see the device POWER status? If I’m away from my home I want to be able to see if the kids left the TV, XBOX, etcc on and turn off.I wrote this simple piston to force it to stay in sync with the activity start/end. I almost called Logitech/Samsung about this latency problem. I have ST turn the lights behind my telly and its between instant since setting it up like the first post coming on before I even get picture but its like the hue to ST link has either died or delayed Once home for work will investigate more I like what you have done and give it a try. I could write a POWER off activity but I think all it does is simulate pressing the power button as if you were in front of TV.

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Those who actively use local access on their Harmony Hubs may choose to not upgrade to the latest firmware, while some have already attempted to downgrade to older firmware versions.

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